Curricular Chairperson


Title: Curriculum Chairperson

Qualifications: five years of prior teaching experience in the departmentís subject area plus masterís degree or professional equivalent preferred and successful completion of the Connecticut BEST mentor program.


Reports to: Building principal (Director of Curriculum and Instruction)


Supervises: Department Curriculum


Job Goal: To provide leadership, coordination and innovation in assigned curricular areas.


1. Establishes curriculum objectives with department personnel.

2. Develops a program for the implementation and evaluation of these objectives.

3. Monitors, facilitates, and supports curriculum implementation, seeks assistance and/or makes recommendations to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction regarding such implementation.

4. Assists and acts as a resource person for discipline personnel.

5. Promotes, facilitates, initiates interdisciplinary collaboration.

6. Initiates, promotes, facilitates alternative students assessment methods.

            a. Collects, analyzes, synthesizes and evaluate assessment data.

            b. Develops and carries out curriculum and instructional action plans

7. Facilitates interdisciplinary peer collaboration and team teaching.

8. Assists in the recruitment, screening, hiring and orientation of new discipline personnel.

9. Assists the principal in interpreting general grading policies, promotional policies, and the districtís instructional program to parents and the community.

10. Develops and maintains a discipline resource center.

11. Assists in identifying and utilizing community resources for discipline purposes.

12. Prepares descriptions for course offerings.

13. Keeps informed on educational programs and innovations as they relate to discipline concerns.

14. Completes reports as required.

15. Assists in budgeting.

            Assumes responsibility for ordering, inventorying, distributing and maintaining all departmental instructional supplies.

16. Conducts meetings and attends relevant school, district, and professional meetings as necessary.

17. Plans with other curriculum chairpersons and academic K-12 coordinators.