Additional Reference Letters for Richard Therrien, Applicant Leadership


Many of the administrators and leaders I have worked with over the years have retired or moved on. I have included contact information below.


Three current letters of recommendation are from educators who have worked with me as well as observed me as a leader, teacher, supervisor, and administrator.



Thank You,


Richard Therrien





References       include:


Tom Jones, Principal, Suffield High School                          (860)-668-3810    


Dr. R Lindgren, Admin Intern Supervisor, CCSU                                   (860)-653-6981


Donna Wellins, A. Principal West  Middle, Hartford           (860)-695-5480    

David Mangus, Harford Public  High, Hartford           (860)-695-1408    



Steve Weinberg, CSDE Science Consultant (ret)                                    (860)-561-4143


Tom Menditto, Science, Tech.Coord, New Britain                (860)-827-2275


Wilma Toney, PIMMS Science Director               


Ralph Yulo, CREC Leader, PIMMS Instructor                       (860) 974-0599


Dianne Otteson, Principal, John Read Middle(Ret)             (203)-938-3216    


Daniel Michael, Principal, E.Granby High(Ret)                    (413) 786-8532