Science Courses at Suffield High School

Assessment Strategies:


Students are assessed with a variety of methods on their knowledge of science concepts and skills and how they apply to the real world. Daily classwork and homework is used to check for understanding of main ideas and application of the techniques and skills of science. These daily assessment tools include a mixture of written explanations, diagrams, model building and problem solving. Students are assessed on their laboratory skills through the use of rubrics and class monitoring. Students are assessed on their ability to explain unit-related concepts and their conclusions on experimentation results by written lab reports, written explanations on quizzes and tests, as well as occasional oral explanation of laboratory ideas and procedures.


There are periodic unit quizzes and tests which assess studentsí skills and knowledge in a similar manner to their daily instructional activities. The written quizzes and tests include a mixture of knowledge and comprehension questions, as well as questions which require students to demonstrate knowledge of inquiry skills, explanation of concepts, as well as making connections to other concepts and everyday experiences. The assessment tools include questions about cause and effect, steps of scientific processes, and explanation of phenomena, and are not focused on just vocabulary and word problem solving. Tests and quizzes, as well as midterm and final exams, may include a lab performance component.


Students are assessed on their ability to explain science ideas, do research, and defend decisions about scientific issues by the use of projects and class simulations. Projects require some level of judgement and thinking by the students and extend beyond research into analysis and sysnthesis. Group and interpersonal skills are included. Rubrics detailing studentsí ability to present, discuss, and use scientific research, both lab results and issues, are used by students, peers, and the teacher.


The criteria for the studentsí overall performance level in the course will focus on the science skills developed, explanation and understanding of science concepts, and use of science skills and concepts in real life situations.




Text/ Computer test banks

CAPT style performance tasks.

Lab report rubric

Open Ended Question Rubric

Individual Project Rubric/Scoring Sheets

Self Paced Internet/CD assessments.